The effects

Impact of discrimination

Discrimination generaly causes bad things, and if someone gets discriminated he will need help regardless. But we will list some of the main impacts anyways. One impact might be scapegoating. People will blame bad things on a certain group of people. Even if a person might not have anything to do this at all, or the group he supposingly belongs to. Scapegoating from a logical perspective makes no sense, but because of the way humans work, they will always try to blame stuff on other people. And discriminated people present themselves as great targets for this. Especially in the lower age ranges racialy-motivated bullying might happen as well. This is basicle where a person or will be bullied for his race (this includes being physicly and/or mentaly hurt). As a result of all of this, discriminated people might be scared to use public servivces, even if it’s really necesarry to do so. They might for example not report an accident to the police, be affraid to use medical services, or even not dare to go buy stuff from a shop. This can create dangerous situations for themselves and for people around them.